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Absolutely tragic news tonight out of northern Washington, Tumblr. Lets find and support the owners, Corgi Nation. I hope they try the scumbag for manslaughter. Dogs are man’s best friend, after all… So sick right now. Just. Unforgivable.

How horrible!

So the one person who is still with my program and was totally gung-ho about getting Luna started just informed me she gave notice on Friday.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen, folks…

That other person - the one who hired me and offered both of us the position - left right after I started. She’s upset that I haven’t gotten what I was promised though…

New apartment

Twinkie destroyed her soft travel crate because I haven’t brought their wire crates to the new place yet…
Very annoyed
She also peed on the carpet

Luna appeared annoyed and was barking - come to realize she was probably barking at Twinkie during her antics….

My schedule is getting full

Stupidly scheduled something for the same day as Corg-a-palooza!

Oh well maybe it’s for the best…

I now have two jobs, am facilitating a support group once a month, do my volunteer work with Luna, want to start taking classes for my play therapy certification,…

Am I crazy?

Here’s what Twinkie thinks about moving…

Here’s what Twinkie thinks about moving…

And the good

My old job wants me to start back up two Sundays a month to do family therapy.

And they want Luna to come with.


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The frustration grows

The district now states they want my company to cover us under their liability, rather than me doing it individually.

Which is doubtful that they’ll do.

I kind of want to cry.


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I feel very disheartened by a lot of today.

I put out some inquiries about professional liability and sent an email to my trainer about furthering Luna’s training to specialize what I would need her to accomplish as a service dog for me.

It should have been simple, but it ended up not being…

So I’m gonna finish my workday and go to my support group that I now facilitate and see if my brother wants me to stay with him at the new place tonight or not.

Really I’m just tired of all the nonsense.


So the district my company contracts with is being unreasonable about Luna being part of my therapeutic modality. I’ve been doing Animal Assisted Psychotherapy with her for 2 years! They want her to be insured for an unreasonable amount - a number that cannot be done so they can “win”.

I’m getting frustrated because when I was hired it was with the expectation that she would come with me. That’s what I was told. I’m 3 months into this job and no Luna. She’s bored and it’s affecting me greatly as well.

She’s been so helpful when I deal with my fibromyalgia and migraines so I’m gonna look into actually training her to be my service dog in “legal terms”.

I’ll also look into something else to keep her mind working.

Any suggestions?

Luna thinks this is her bed now

Luna thinks this is her bed now


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